Memorial Glass

We Create Memorial Glass With Cremation Ashes In A Variety Of Styles And Sizes. Celebrate The Memory Of Your Loved One With A Hand Formed Glass Art Piece Infused With A Small Amount Of Cremains. (1/2 Teaspoon) The Sand We Use To Create Our Glass Is 400 Million Years Old. Quite A Long Time To Be Around. We Heat The Sand In Our Crucible Furnace To 2300 Degrees To Transform It Into Liquid Crystal Glass And Infuse The Cremains Together With Colored Glass To Create Incredible Spirals Of Light. We Are Also Able To Incorporate Ashes Into Any Of Our Glass Art!

 It Is A Great Honor For Us To Be Able To Create These Pieces. We Take Every One Closely To Heart. Please fill out Our Custom Order Form To Request An Order. Thank You

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